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    Midwestern State University
  Feb 23, 2018
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, B.A.

Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours

(See Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum - 42 semester hours )

Program Requirements

Plus 15 additional advanced hours:

Fifteen (15) additional advanced hours1 of mathematics (MATH) or statistics (STAT) courses (at least one course must be MATH 4143 , MATH 4293 2, or MATH 4833 ), exclusive of MATH 3033 , MATH 3113 , MATH 3123 , and MATH 4033 .

1Within these 15 hours a student must take either STAT 3573  or MATH 4143 .

2If a student elects to take both STAT 3573  and MATH 4143 , then STAT 3573  must be taken before MATH 4143 . Any exception must be approved by the chair of the department.

Additional Requirements (7 hours)

Consult advisor for approved minor and specific courses.

Minor Requirement

All Mathematics majors must complete a minor of at least 18 semester hours of which at least six must be advanced. The minor field must be acceptable to the chairs of the majors and minor programs.